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07 March 2007 @ 12:56 pm
So I'm well aware that there's no online fandom for Cold Case and that no matter how much I might want to, I'm not going to change that fact. I still think I'd like to post my episode reviews here, though, just for my own amusement.

This episode hit me so hard I called my mom afterwards to tell her that I love her. That sounds incredibly cheesy but Cold Case brings out the cheese factor in me, what can I say? I always enjoy a Cold Case with a compelling murder victim and Hilary was a very charming character. The scene in which she adorably sings "Where Did Our Love Go" in the record store to Karen and then displays such courage in confronting her ex-boyfriend put me on her side for good. Her strongest scene, both for actress and character was the scene in which she convinced the nun to let her keep her daughter. She was brave and appealing without being one-note or sappy. Karen was an equally compelling character, a woman who'd had her choices taken away from her at every turn and was filled with justifiable rage because of it. It was the tragedy of the story that she lashed out at the last person who deserved her anger.

In terms of the detectives, this was clearly a Lilly centric episode. One of my favorite things about Lilly as a character is that she is such an unreliable narrator of her own life story. Obviously Ellen Rush is an alcoholic and has many failings as a mother, but Lilly defensively pushes away the idea that there were any good times that she and her mother had together, probably as a form of self-protection. Her interrogation of Karen was one of the strongest this season in terms of what it revealed about her character. The meta-lover in me did greatly enjoy the photo of young Meredith Baxter-Birney at the end. In terms of the others, Kat did confirm that she was never married to Veronica's father and I assume we'll be hearing more about that at some point. I like that the detectives' personal lives are presented as something of a mystery as well as the cases themselves. I happen to be more curious about the events surrounding the time Kat was shot, so I hope to find out something about that first.

It's hard for me not to compare this episode and "Volunteers" with Veronica Mars' "There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill" and find VM seriously lacking. I don't need a TV show to reaffirm all of my personal beliefs (though that's always nice :P)but VM seemed to go out of its way to be thoughtless and offensive, not to mention unrealistic. This episode, in contrast, showed the incredible pain that Hilary and Karen suffered by having their reproductive rights taken away from them. Hilary was eager to have a child and Karen was not, but both them had every choice they could have made taken out of their hands.

Watching both young women be forced to go through pregnancy isolated from their loved ones while being told that they were "sluts" and "bad girls", give birth aided only by an alcoholic doctor, and then have their babies taken away from them whether they wanted to give them up or not made me feel tremendously for both characters whereas in TGTBAMAP I felt for no one. On top of that, in this story even the nun was presented as both victim and victimizer, a victimizer of the young women in her care, but a victim of the time period and values that told her she was doing the right thing. The exposition with Lilly and Jeffries about the social mores of the time period was a little bit heavy handed as usual, but it was necessary for the viewer and the little wink the two of them shared about the effectiveness of abstinence-only education made it worthwhile.

All Around Grade: One of the best this season. A+

Best Main Cast Performance: Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush, natch.
Best Guest Performance: Johanna Braddy as Hilary West